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SkinMedico is a leading Aesthetic Clinic located in the heart of Chiswick in West London

Founded by experienced medical aesthetic nurse Juan Lopez. Juan’s approach is about helping you to create the best version of yourself. So you can feel comfortable within your skin and what you see in the mirror every morning. We strive to achieve fresh and natural looking results to make you feel better about yourself. We pride ourselves in using the latest treatment innovations to deliver individualised treatment plan according with your life stage by highly qualified experts you can trust.

Juan trained with Professor Chu in treating acne and acne scars and worked in collaboration with him at SkinMedico.

SkinMedico is proud to have had Professor Tony Chu as part of the team. Professor Chu is one of the UK leading Consultant Dermatologists. He is a world renowned expert in the field of dermatology and laser treatments for acne and acne scars. Professor Chu has more that 35 years experience in NHS and private dermatology. He retired from the NHS in 2017 having pioneered the NLite laser treatment for acne and percutaneous collagen production for acne scarring. Sadly, he retired and stopped practicing medicine in December 2019 and he is fully enjoying is retirement. However, he continues his link with our clinic as and advisory role for Juan Lopez. He lends his vast knowledge and experience to support our clinic for which we are truly thankful. 

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