What are the side effects of Botox®?

Following treatment with Botox® there can be side effects such as: slight bleeding, swelling, redness and some bruising, they are very rare and usually temporary. Infection at the injection site is also very rare. Use of a simple antiseptic cream can help prevent this. Some Clients experience a transient mild headache, nausea or skin irritation. If this does occur it will improve after a day or two.

Other side effects are directly related to the action of the Botox®. Ptosis (eyelid or eyebrow droop) and Diplopia (double vision) are rare but possible and can take a few weeks to settle completely if they do occur. These side effects are related to the practitioner’s technique and the knowledge of facial anatomy. Muscle atrophy or wasting can occur with regular treatments. Developing resistance to Botox® is possible if you develop antibodies against the toxin. Higher doses (not in cosmetic treatments) and too frequent treatments can increase this risk. There are possible solutions to resistance. This can be discussed during the consultation with the practitioner.

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