Cheek Enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler (Juvéderm® Voluma)


Cheek enhancement is a non-surgical procedure designed to add volume to the cheeks, reducing the appearance of sagging skin. The result is more youthful and attractive facial contours that look completely natural. The procedure involves deep injections of Hyaluronic Acid fillers at key points in the face.

First we examine the patient’s face to identify which points would benefit most from the treatment. Then the filler is injected deep within the soft tissues of the cheek to help lift the mid-face at the same time.

As the treatment is carried out with products containing anaesthetic you should not experience pain during the procedure. When the anaesthetic wears off however a dull ache may exist for the first few hours or days and you are advised to take paracetamol regularly during this period.

After the treatment the area may be red and swollen. The effects of the swelling can take up to a week to resolve although the majority of the swelling should start to reduce within a couple of days, during which time you are advised to sleep on your back with an extra couple of pillows. There may also be some bruising associated with the treatment that can take a few days to settle down. At the SkinMedico clinic we advise our customers to use Oxygenetix camouflage post procedure. Oxygenetix will help reducing the post treatment heat sensation, reduce swelling and will camouflage any bruising and/or redness resulting from the process. This will enable you to continue with your normal daily activities. Oxygenetix can also be used as your everyday foundation, as it will keep your face protected against sun exposure with an SPF 25.

At SkinMedico, we offer you a full medical assessment prior to your first treatment. We will advise you on an individualised plan of treatment to suit your needs. This process gives you a great opportunity to ask all the questions that you might have and discuss the treatment plan. Dermal Fillers can be carried out alone or in combination with other treatments like Botox®.

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This is a substance that occurs naturally in the body but reduces as we age. Hyaluric Acid acts like a sponge, holding large amounts of water, which helps to plump out the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

The injection includes an anaesthetic, so you should not experience pain during treatment. You may experience a dull ache for the first few hours or days, once the anaesthetic as worn off. In which case you are advised to take paracetamol.

You may experience swelling after the treatment which can take up to a week to disappear completely. However you should notice a reduction within a couple of days, during which time you are advised to sleep on your back and have extra pillows. There may be some bruising which can take a few days to settle down. We recommend using Oxygenetix camouflage to help reduce swelling and cover any bruising.

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